Best Clear Aligners: Byte, Smile Direct Club, and Candid Compared

Is your crooked smile costing your relationships? Our smile is one of our unique features setting our first impression with others. If you have a mouthful of crooked teeth, it’s probably killing your confidence.

At-home aligners offer you the opportunity to straighten your smile. However, there are nearly a dozen service providers in the industry, and they all seem to have the same offer.

This post looks at the top clear aligners brands.

We compare them on price, technology, and managed care. We’ll present our top three choices for the best at-home aligner system and recommend our winner of the review.

Can Clear Aligners Fix My Smile?

Yes, aligners or invisible braces can help you straighten your smile. When you receive your aligner kit, it comes with a series of up to 24-aligners designed to shift your teeth into a new position. By the time you finish with the last aligner, you have a straight set of teeth.

With aligners, you receive managed remote care from a dental team during your treatment. There’s no need to go to an orthodontist’s office, saving you thousands of dollars on consulting fees.

So, which brands are the best options for your at-home aligners? Here are our top choices.

Top Clear Aligners Brands – Our Top Recommendations

Byte Clear Aligner Review

Byte is a newcomer to the at-home aligner market. Founded in 2017, the company is taking market share away from the leaders, thanks to its competitive pricing model and innovative orthodontic technology.

What Does Byte Cost?

Byte is the lowest-cost provider in this review. You can purchase the daytime system for a cash price of $1,895. The Byte-at-Night system is more expensive, costing $2,295, but you get the Byte Protection Plan (BPP) included with your purchase. Both the daytime and nighttime solutions include the HyperByte system.

Why Is Byte Different?

Byte is different thanks to its introduction of the HyperByte system. You seat the aligner to the HyperByte, and it emits sonic pulses through the aligner, allowing it to fit perfectly to your teeth.


  • Unique HyperByte device included
  • The most affordable daytime aligner solution
  • Day and night options
  • $100 holiday discount promotion


  • Checks ups not as comprehensive as Candid

Candid Clear Aligner Review

Candid aligners are a great choice for those candidates looking for managed remote orthodontic care. Candid is the only company with a team comprising only of orthodontists. There are no dentists on this team, and you get the best care.

What Does Candid Cost?

Candid is the most expensive at-home aligner solution. However, the company is pricy for a reason. Candid provides the best care during your treatment, giving you access to a real orthodontist. The result is faster treatment times and enhanced managed care compared to the other companies in this review.

Why Is Candid Different?

Candid only work with orthodontists when managing your treatment. The company includes a scanning device with your aligners, and you hook it up to your phone. During your checkups with your doctor, you scan your teeth using the device, and the data goes straight to your orthodontist.


  • The best remote orthodontic care
  • Unique teeth scanning tools
  • Fast treatment times
  • Dedicated app interfaces with scanning tools


  • The most expensive at-home teeth straightening option

Smile Direct Club Clear Aligner Review

Smile Direct Club is the global leader in at-home smile correction. The company started in 2014, growing to the largest service provider in the market, with more than 1-million happy customers. Smile Direct Club is the gold standard for all other aligners companies to try and achieve.

What Does Smile Direct Club Cost?

Smile Direct Club charges you a cash price of $1,950 for its aligners. The SmilePay in-house financing lets you take the treatment on credit, with $250 down and 24 monthly payments of $89.

Why Is Smile Direct Club Different?

Smile Direct Club is for those candidates that want a proven system. This company has the best track record and an affordable pricing model.


  • The most successful at-home aligner brand
  • More than 1-million satisfied clients
  • The best teeth-whitening kit included with your purchase
  • Free teeth scanning at SmileShops


  • No innovative technology

Top Clear Aligners Brands – Which Dental Aligner Company is Best?

If we have to choose one company from our top three as the winner of this showdown, we go with Byte. Byte has the best all-around offer and the best pricing of the three. With Byte, you get all the benefits of leading orthodontic solutions like Invisalign.

However, Byte is a fraction of the cost of traditional orthodontic systems. Byte aligners offer you the best way to straighten your smile, with more than 3,000 4.9-Star reviews on Google.

Top Clear Aligners Brands FAQ

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