Best Invisible Braces: How to Choose the Right Teeth Aligner

Are you tired of your crooked smile? It’s time to take action to straighten your smile and take back your confidence. One of the issues with a smile correction system is that they look ugly. If you’re a teenager trying to improve your social status, a crooked smile is a confidence killer, but so is a mouthful of braces.

Traditional orthodontics like braces need to sit on your teeth for years, and that’s not going to help any teenager build their self-esteem, especially during senior year. Fortunately, there’s a solution to straightening your teeth without the need to stick braces onto your pearly whites.

Invisible braces give you all the advantages of braces, without the ugly appearance. These clear aligners are removable, so you can take them out during the day if you’re going to school or meeting clients at the office. What’s more, invisible braces are also available at a fraction of the cost of traditional braces.

Byte aligner kit

Byte is Our Top Recommendation

Byte has an average treatment time of 3 months compared to the 6 month+ treatment time of its competitors. Byte’s impression kit also is only $29 and is running a special offer for $100 off its aligner treatment kit.

Let’s look at the best invisible braces and give you some tips on choosing the best system to suit your needs and budget.

The Best Invisible Braces Reviews: Options Compared

When choosing the best invisible braces, you have options between orthodontic-assisted systems and self-managed aligners. With an orthodontic system, you get fitment in your orthodontist’s office. You’ll also get managed aftercare during your treatment. If there are any issues with your gum health, your orthodontist can make the necessary adjustments to your treatment.

Orthodontic support isn’t necessary for aligner treatments, but some people may feel more comfortable knowing they have medical professionals taking care of them. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay extra for this aftercare. As a result, orthodontic systems can have a price tag three or four times higher than self-managed aligners.

Here are our top two choices for the best invisible braces with managed orthodontic support during your treatment.


Invisalign is the world’s premier clear aligner system. It’s the only option recommended by orthodontists, the ADA, and the FDA. You get fitment in the orthodontist’s chair, and they manage every step of the process. Invisalign comes in five different options to suit your age and your dental issues.

The orthodontist manages every step of your aftercare, swapping out your invisible braces when it’s time to move onto the next aligner. However, the cost of Invisalign is enormous. You’ll pay anywhere from $3,500 to $8,500 for your aligner system, depending on the system you choose and the dental work involved.


Candid is the only at-home aligner system working exclusively with orthodontists. With Candid, you get a unique scanning tool included with your kit. The scanning tool gives your orthodontist the ability to check on your progress without you ever stepping into their office.

Candid has a network of Candid studios nationwide that offer free scanning assessments. You’ll get the same treatment times as Invisalign and the same level of care you get with a professional orthodontist.

The Winner: Candid. With Candid, you get all the advantages of monitored orthodontic care, with real orthodontists managing your treatment. Candid is 60% to 75% more affordable than Invisalign, and you get access to qualified orthodontists during your treatment.

The Best Invisible Braces Reviews: Self-Managed System

A self-managed system means that you don’t ever visit an orthodontist’s office during your treatment. Instead, the company producing your aligners has a dental team develop a plan you direct yourself. There are no checkups, and you’re on your own when it comes to managing your dental health.

However, the benefit of using a self-managed system is the price. Self-managed aligners cost a third to a quarter of the cost of systems offering managed care. As a result, you save thousands on the costs of your smile correction.

However, you don’t get the same level of aftercare, and if anything goes wrong with the treatment, you’re on your own. It’s a toss-up between hefty savings and managed care – choose the option that’s right for you.

Here are our two top choices for a self-managed aligner system.

Byte Invisible Braces

Byte is a great choice for a self-managed at-home aligner system. Byte offers you options for daytime and nighttime aligners, and you get the HyperByte device included with your aligners. The HyperByte improves the seating of the aligners, fast-tracking your treatment time. Byte also offers you free teeth whitening included in your treatment package.

Byte is available for $1,895 for its daytime system and $2,295 for its “Byte-at-Night” system. Both options offer in-house financing with no credit check.

Alignerco Invisible Braces

Alignerco is the most affordable at-home aligner system. You’ll pay $1,145 for the system, which is around 40% less than Byte. However, there’s no managed aftercare, no HyperByte device, and no free teeth whitening included with your purchase. However, it is the most affordable way of straightening your teeth.

The Winner: Byte. With Byte, you get all the Invisalign benefits, with the innovative HyperByte device fast-tracking your treatment. Bytes aftercare is better than Alignerco, and you get free teeth whitening included.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Best Invisible Braces?


  • Aligners are not a permanent system like traditional braces.
  • Several brands and models to choose from.
  • Choose at-home treatment or fitment in your orthodontist’s office.
  • Financing available.
  • Most insurance companies contribute to costs.
  • Professional orthodontic support.
  • The results are as good as traditional braces.


  • Some treatments like Invisalign are as expensive as traditional braces.
  • Limited follow-up and aftercare with some at-home aligner brands.

The Best Invisible Braces – The Verdict

If you’re choosing between the best invisible braces in this review, it’s a good idea to settle on the system that meets your needs. Each of the products in this review has a unique offering. Select the system that suits your budget and your needs.


If you want to see an orthodontist face-to-face during your treatment, Invisalign gives you the best in-office aftercare and fitment of your aligner system. However, it’s also the most expensive option.


This system is ideal for people that want professional orthodontic aftercare, but they’re okay with completing checkups remotely using the Candid scanner.


This system is the best self-managed option. You get a personalized aftercare program and the innovative HyperByte device that fast-tracks your treatment.


If you’re looking for the cheapest option, Alignerco gives you the most affordable way to straighten your teeth. However, there is no aftercare of support provided.

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