Byte Aligner Review: Does Byte Work? Invisalign and Smile Direct Club Compared

Do you need to fix your teeth? If it’s for you or your kids, you need an orthodontic solution that works.

Skip the high costs of braces or Invisalign, and consider at-home teeth straightening instead. With Byte, you get an affordable and effective means of correcting your smile.

Does Byte work? In this review, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about Byte’s HyperByte technology, easiness of the impression kit, and treatment process to get results in 3 months. We will also compare Smile Direct Club to other offerings in the market such as Smile Direct Club and Invisalign.

What Is Byte?

Byte is the premium low-cost leader in the at-home aligner market. Founded by Blake Johnson and Scott Cohen in 2017, Byte is quickly becoming a well-known brand in the space.

With more than 3,000 4.8-star Google reviews, Byte has a solid reputation, thanks to its use of technology and an affordable pricing model.

What Does Byte Cost?

If you want to start with Byte, that involves buying your impression kit for $95. If Byte doesn’t accept you, they’ll refund the cost of the kit to your bank account.

If you qualify, you’ll have to choose between the daytime or nighttime solution.

The daytime kit costs $1,895 if you pay upfront. However, there’s an in-house credit option with guaranteed approval and no credit check. If you take the system on credit, you’re subject to a 7.76% APR, increasing the total treatment cost to $2,763.

The Byte-at-Night system is more expensive. It has a cash price of $2,295. If you take it on credit, you’ll have to pay $449 down, with 29 monthly payments of $99. That increase the total cost of the treatment to $3,336.

The Byte at night system also includes the Byte Protection Plan (BPP) included in your treatment. Both the daytime and nighttime solutions come with the HyperByte and free teeth whitening included with your purchase.

How Do I Start with Byte?

Starting with Byte is easy. You’ll need to order your impression kit online and take a mold of your mouth. Send the impression back to Byte, and their dental team decides if you’re a viable candidate for the treatment.

Byte sends you your aligners in four to six weeks if you qualify, and you start your treatment. You’ll wear your aligners for 22-hours each day, for up to three weeks per aligner.

The standout offering in the Byte treatment is the HyperByte device. You seat your aligner in the HyperByte and activate it.

While the HyperByte is operating, you use it to fit the aligner to your teeth. The device emits low-level sonic pulsations that help to seat the aligner to your teeth in the optimal position.

The HyperByte helps you seat the aligner better than with other at-home aligner brands. Therefore, you get a faster treatment time.

You start with the first aligner in the series and progress your way through each aligner under the Byte team’s guidance.

At the end of the treatment, you have a perfectly straight set of teeth.

Byte also offers a nighttime solution for its aligners. Some people can’t wear aligners during the day. You might have to talk to clients or work in telesales where you need to be on the phone all day.

The Byte-at-Night system allows you to wear your aligners for 12-hours during the evening and while you sleep. However, this method slows treatment times considerably, and it could take anywhere up to a year to fix your smile with the Byte-at-Night aligner system.

Byte vs Invisalign – Which Is the Better Option?

We feel Byte is the better option if you can handle not visiting the orthodontist. Some people need that level of managed care, or it brings them anxiety during the process.

Others might find they need an orthodontist’s assistance to get them to commit to seeing the treatment the entire way through.

Byte vs Smile Direct Club

We like Byte because it has a slightly faster treatment time of 3 months compared to the average Smile Direct Club treatment time of 4-6 months. However, both products look and feel very similar.

Pros and Cons of Byte Clear Aligners?


  • Straighten your teeth at home
  • Never visit the orthodontist in person (ideal for COVID)
  • Remote managed care from the Byte dental team
  • Accepts insurance and FSA/HSA
  • In-house financing with no credit check required
  • The HyperByte device comes with your care package
  • Includes teeth whitening


  • No fitment in an orthodontists chair
  • APR interest on financing is expensive

Does Byte Work? Our Final Answer

Yes, we think that Byte is a great orthodontic solution to your crooked teeth. You might not get the same managed care you do with Invisalign or Clear Correct, but you get the same result.

You also miss out on paying thousands of dollars in orthodontist consulting fees. That’s great news for the average consumer that doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on their treatment costs.

Byte is efficient and effective, and it’s affordable. Plus, with Byte, you get the advantage of the HyperByte device included with your treatment. This innovative tool isn’t available through any other at-home aligner service, and we think it’s an essential part of your treatment.

Byte has thousands of verified customer reviews, and a successful track record, despite only starting in 2017. If you’re looking to straighten your smile in 2021, we recommend you go with Byte.

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