Candid Retainers Review: Does This Teeth Straightening Device Work?

Do you find yourself smiling less in public to avoid flashing your crooked teeth? Crowded or gapping teeth can cause issues with your self-confidence, hurting your self-image and your relationships in your life.

At-home teeth straightening offers you a solution to your dental issues. You never have to visit the dentist, and you get a perfectly straight set of teeth at the end of the treatment.

In our Candid retainers review, we look at this leading company in the at-home teeth-straightening industry.

Candid has an impressive but expensive service offering. How is Candid different from Smile Direct Club or Byte? Why should you spend the extra money on a set of aligners with Candid?

We’ll look at the answers to these queries in your Candid review.

Candid Retainers Review – What Is Candid?

Candid is a leading brand in the at-home retainer market. This company prides itself on being the premier service in the industry -and with good reason.

Candid is the only company working with a team of 100% qualified orthodontists. Candid works with people that are dealing with minor dental gapping and overcrowding.

The company issues you with a set of custom aligners designed to pull your teeth into a straight position gently. Treatment times take up to 6-months, but you get managed remote care along your journey.

However, Candid is the most expensive at-home teeth-straightening solution. Considering companies like Smile Direct Club have extensive track records, how does Candid justify charging such a high price for its service.

What Does the Candid Aligner System Cost?

If you’re paying for your aligners upfront, Candid charges $2,400 for the treatment. If you want to take your impressions at home, then you’ll need to spend $95 on the kit.

However, the Candid Studio offers free scanning of your mouth, skipping the costs of the impression kit.

Right now, the official Candid website is running a special seasonal promotion. Use the code BYE2020 to save yourself $500 on the costs of your treatment.

What does Candid Cost?

Candid aligners are more expensive than other at-home teeth straightening solutions. If we look at the competitors, we find the following pricing models.

Alignerco: $1, 145

Byte: $1,895

Smile Direct Club: $1,950

Candid: $2,400

Why is Candid double the cost of Alignerco and 25% more expensive than Smile Direct Club? How can the company justify these higher prices?

The difference comes in the care. If you go to the orthodontist and get Invisalign, you’re paying for the orthodontist’s time during your consultations.

There isn’t much difference between the orthodontist’s aligners and what you receive with Candid. However, you need to go back to the orthodontist every few weeks for a checkup with Invisalign.

Those consultation costs add up, and your bill could reach as high as $8,000 by the end of the treatment.

With at-home aligners, you skip the orthodontist costs associated with your follow-up consultations. Instead, you’ll interface with a dental care professional that manages your care. That’s the model for SDC and Byte, but Candid takes a different approach.

Candid acknowledges the need for real orthodontists managing the aligner treatment. As a result, they are the only at-home aligner company offering managed remote therapy with genuine, qualified orthodontists.

When your aligner kit arrives, it comes with a specialized mouthpiece scanner included with your purchase. You fit the device to your smartphone and use it to scan your teeth.

Those scans go through the dedicated app on your smart device, directly to your orthodontist. The orthodontic professional manages every step of your care, ensuring you have a smooth transition between each aligner.

With the orthodontic oversight, you transition through your aligners faster than other brands and at the right time to optimize your treatment. Therefore, you can expect shorter treatment periods compared to options like SmileDirectClub and Byte.

With the BYE2020 code at checkout, you can pick up your Candid treatment for less than the top competitors’ costs. At that price, it’s a no-brainer that Candid offers you the better option for at-home teeth straightening.

Pros and Cons of Candid Retainers


  • Candid offers managed remote orthodontic care
  • Free scan and treatment planning at Candid Studios
  • Guaranteed results with 3,000+ Google reviews
  • Innovative scanning tools
  • Dedicated app for follow-up
  • Free teeth whitening included
  • 25% the cost of Invisalign


  • The most expensive at-home teeth-straightening system

Candid Honest Review

We spent hours reading through customer reviews and assessing Candid’s offer in comparison to market leaders. Our research shows that Candid has the best at-home teeth-straightening solution.

Candid is the only company working with 100% qualified orthodontists for your treatment. Most other company’s use a combination team of dentists and orthodontists to manage your care.

Sure, Candid might cost a few hundred dollars more, but if you take action today, you can save $500 on your treatment using the code BYE2020.

At $1,900 for your Candid aligners, that’s more affordable than Smile Club Direct, and you get a much better service with dedicated follow-up and innovative scanning technology.

Candid is the best at-home teeth straightening service; order your impression kit, or visit a Candid Studio for your free assessment today.

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