Smile Direct Club Aligners Review: Do These Teeth Straightening Aligners Work?

Do you have gapped or crowded teeth? These minor dental problems might seem like a big issue to you. Crooked teeth ruin your self-confidence, detracting from the first impression you make with people.

It might sound shallow, but most people form their first impression of you in a few seconds after meeting. If you have crooked teeth, it goes against our natural interpretation of facial symmetry. As a result, the person subconsciously evaluates you based on your appearance, which could set the wrong tone.

Our Smile Direct Club aligners review looks at this innovative dental correction system. With SmileDirectClub, you can straighten your smile and enhance the first impression you make with people.

Whether you’re going out on a date with a new love interest or meeting some important clients at the office, SmileDirectClub can give you a smile you deserve. Let’s unpack everything you need to know about joining Smile Direct Club.

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Smile Direct Club is a top option for straightening teeth at home

Smile Direct Club has a proven history of providing great quality teeth alignment solutions. Smile Direct Club has an average treatment time of 3-5 months making it faster than traditional braces.

The company is also offering special discount pricing on its at-home impression kit.

What Is Smile Direct Club?

Smile Direct Club is the leading authority in the at-home teeth alignment space. Founded in 2014 by Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell, SmileDirectClub was the pair’s attempt at finding a solution to the metal braces they both had to wear during college.

On its launch, Smile Direct Club was a smashing success, and over the last seven years, the company managed to help more than 1-million people get the smile they deserve. Smile Direct Club uses a clear aligner system to correct your smile.

It’s similar to the Invisalign system fitted by orthodontists. However, with Smile Direct Club, you get a managed remote dental service. Smile Direct Club provides you with all of the benefits of traditional braces and Invisalign without the hefty price tag attached.

As a result, you don’t even have to set foot in an orthodontist’s office. Systems like Invisalign are so expensive because of the cost involved with your orthodontic consultations. These consults can account for over half of the treatment costs involved with Invisalign.

If you have minor dental issues, then Smile Direct Club provides you with an affordable alternative to expensive orthodontics like Invisalign and braces.

With Smile Direct Club, you receive a custom treatment plan that you follow during the duration of your treatment. However, there’s little aftercare from the Smile Direct Club team, reducing the costs of your treatment.

Does Smile Direct Club Work?

If you want to start with Smile Direct Club, you’ll need to order an impression kit online. After receiving your kit, you’ll follow the instructions to taking a mold of your mouth. Slip your impressions into the return box provided, and send them back to the Smile Direct Club dental team.

However, you can skip out on the impression kit by visiting one of the 300 Smile Shops in locations across America. The Smile Shop attendants will take a free scan of your teeth that substitutes for your impressions.

After the initial consultation, the Smile Direct Club team checks to see if you qualify for the treatment. Smile Direct Club only works with people that have mild to moderate issues involving gapping, crowding, over and underbites. If the team feels they can’t help you, they’ll refund your impression kit and ask you to see an orthodontist.

However, if Smile Direct Club approves you for treatment, they ask you to make payment. Once they receive your money, they start manufacturing your aligners based on the data from your impressions or scan.

You’ll receive your aligners in six weeks, along with a custom treatment plan designed just for you. You’ll wear each aligner in the series for two weeks, for up to 22-hours a day. The aligner gently pushes your teeth into a new position.

After finishing your last set of aligners, your teeth will be perfectly straight. Treatment times can vary, depending on the extent of your dental issues. Most treatments last between six to twelve months.

During the treatment period, the Smile Direct Club dental team check-in with you every 90-days to see if you’re making progress with your aligners. However, it’s up to you to take the discipline to use your aligners every day.

What Does SmileDirectClub Cost?

If you’re ready to commit to your treatment with Smile Direct Club, you can start by ordering your impression kit. The kit costs $59, which’s more affordable than the $95 charged by other at-home teeth alignment systems.

After approving you as a candidate, you’ll make your payment for your treatment. The daytime and nighttime aligner systems are the same, but you get four extra aligners included in the nighttime kit, increasing your cost slightly.

If you want to pay for your treatment outright, you’ll spend $1,950 on your aligners. However, Smile Direct Club offers you the option of taking the aligners on credit. The Smile Pay in-house financing team will finance your treatment for $250 down and 24-monthly payments of $85.

Smile Direct Club also includes free teeth whitening with your treatment (a $67 value). Overall, SDC has mid-tier pricing for its service. However, it’s much more affordable than systems like Invisalign, where you could spend up to $8,000 at your orthodontist for the same treatment.

Pros and Cons of Smile Direct Club?


  • At-home orthodontic treatment that’s as effective as Invisalign.
  • No trips to the orthodontist.
  • Remote-managed care for your treatment.
  • Up to 70% more affordable than Invisalign.
  • In-house financing available with no credit check.
  • Works with insurance and FSA/HSA accounts.
  • Over 1-million satisfied customers.
  • Free teeth whitening included.


  • Not the best choice for at-home teeth aligners.
  • Minimal follow-up and aftercare.
Smile Direct Club Aligners Review – Straighten Your Smile with SDC

Smile Direct Club Aligners Review: Our Recommendation

Smile Direct Club is the leading brand in at-home smile correction. The company has an extensive track record, with over a million satisfied customers. Smile Direct Club also has one of the most affordable offerings. At $1,950, your treatment is more affordable than Invisalign and other at-home aligners like Candid and Byte-at-Night.

However, Smile Direct Club isn’t the best choice for managed aftercare during your treatment. Smile Direct Club relies on a team of orthodontists and dental professionals to manage your treatment process. Therefore, if you want an orthodontist to manage the process for you, you’ll need to go with an option like Candid or Invisalign.

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