Smile Direct Club Reviews: Teeth Straightening Better Than Invisalign?

It’s time to do something about your crooked teeth. A new year is coming, and it’s time to give yourself a new smile you deserve.

However, visiting the orthodontist for treatment costs thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, check out Smile Direct Club. Smile Direct Club is the market leader in at-home smile correction services.

Our Smile Direct Club honest review looks at this company and its offering.

We’ll unpack everything you need to know about starting with Smile Direct Club’s average treatment time of 4-6 months, treatment cost of just under $2,000, and impression options such as the at-home impression kit or visiting a Smile Studio.

Think about how a straight smile would revolutionize your life. With Smile Direct Club, you have the opportunity to make that a reality in 2021. Let’s look at how Smile Direct Club can restore your smile.

What Is Smile Direct Club?

Founded in 2014 by Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell, Smile Direct Club is the leading at-home aligner solution. The company has an impressive track record and an affordable pricing model.

Despite the introduction of more players to the market, Smile Direct Club remains a top choice for at-home aligner systems.

Smile Direct Club is the market leader in at-home aligner systems. These aligners are like the Invisalign system orthodontists use to straighten teeth.

However, with Smile Direct Club, you get the aligners without the costs of going to your orthodontist for checkups every other week. Most of the expenses involved with your orthodontic treatment come from consulting and lab fees.

With Smile Direct Club, you circumvent these costs. As a result, your treatment is far more affordable. The Smile Direct Club treatment works out to around 60% less than the price of typical orthodontic solutions like braces or Invisalign.

The difference with Smile Direct Club is you get remotely managed care throughout your treatment. Instead of going to the orthodontist’s office, you log onto your Smile Direct Club account to interface with the Smile Direct Club dental team.

You get the same results as traditional orthodontic solutions, at a fraction of the cost. Smile Club Direct guarantees results. If you’re not happy with your system, return it within the first 30-days of purchase for a refund.

How Does Smile Direct Club Work?

To start with Smile Direct Club, you’ll need to order an impression kit and take a mold of your teeth. You can also visit one of the SmileShops for a scan, voiding the need for the impression kit.

Smile Direct Club receive your impressions or scan data, and a team of orthodontists examines your case. If they feel you qualify for the treatment, they notify you through your Smile Direct Club account.

You’ll make your payment, and the Smile Direct Club team deliver your aligners to your door in four to six weeks. From there, you start with the first aligner and wear it for 22-hours a day, for two to three weeks.

You change through each of the aligners every two to three weeks until you finish the last one. After completing your treatment, you have a set of perfectly straight teeth.

Average treatment times with Smile Direct Club vary between three to six months, depending on the extent of your dental issues.

During the process, you’ll log into your Smile Direct Club account to keep tabs on your treatment. The account notifies you when you need to change aligners.

After you finish your treatment, you can claim your free teeth whitening kit to complete your smile.

Smile Direct Club also offers a nighttime solution for teeth straightening. It’s challenging to wear your aligners if you have a job in service or sales. Smile Direct Club offers you its nighttime solution for the same price as its daytime system.

How Much Does Smile Direct Club Cost?

If you want to start with Smile Club Direct, you’ll need to order your impression kit for $29 on the company’s official website. Alternatively, you can pop into one of the SmileShops across the United States for a free scan of your teeth.

If the Smile Direct Club team accepts you as a candidate, you’ll need to make a payment of $1,950 to start the treatment.

The in-house financing division, SmilePay, lets you take your treatment on credit – with no credit check required. With the financing option, you get your Smile Direct Club treatment for $250 down and 24 monthly payments of $89.

Smile Direct Club Honest Review: Pros and Cons of Smile Direct Club?


  • Effective at-home teeth alignment
  • One of the most affordable providers
  • Teeth whitening included
  • Guided care during the treatment process
  • Over 1-million customers
  • Free scanning at SmileShops
  • Financing available through SmilePay


  • No advanced aftercare
  • No dedicated cellphone app
  • No seasonal discount special

Smile Direct Club Reviews: Recommendation

Smile Direct Club is the best at-home aligner system available. You get a proven orthodontic solution to straighten your teeth at an affordable price.

Smile Direct Club has the best reputation in the industry. Founded in 2014 by Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell, Smile Direct Club is an established player in the market, with more than one million satisfied clients.

Visit the official website, and click on the “Results” tab. You’ll find thousands of testimonials from verified users. There are plenty of Smile Direct Club reviews before and after reviews to read through.

If you’re looking for a proven, affordable smile correction solution, you can’t go wrong with Smile Direct Club.

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